What We Do

Metro enables you to capture the data that you create online, and use it to make anonymous Activity Feeds with your friends.

All you have to do is install the Chrome extension, join (or create) a Feed, and everything else is handled automatically.

The Mission

Metro was founded in 2018 in Dublin with a simple goal:

Make personal data understandable, accessible, and useful for the people who create it.

We think this is necesary for ethical progression in technology, because the data ecosystem of today is holding us back.

The internet is the most progressive technology of our times, and its great power comes from the vast network of connections between its devices - your devices.

However, the "data" ecosystem of the internet was designed by a few large companies to monopolize the data you create.

We are re-designing the data ecosystem to put your personal data in your hands, and make it that data useful for you.

The Vision

  • Each of your devices will capture the data that you create online.
  • That data will be accessible to you in a way that is both understandable and useful.
  • There will be an ecosystem of AI products available which can be powered by your data.
  • We call these products Floats.


Floats are apps that you don't need to download - they 'float' in the cloud and they fit into your existing lifestyle by integrating with the products that you already use.

For example, you share your reading habits with a personalized news AI which you can access through a bot in your messenger app, an extension in your browser, a 'skill' for your home automation system, and many other integrations.

At Metro, we are building the tools and infrastructure to make this vision a reality.

The Team

Rory Byrne
Rian Dillon