It's your data, not theirs.

Your data is already being used by large tech companies to power hidden algorithms all over the internet.

Metro lets you access your own data, and turn it into community-powered activity feeds.


One Browser Extension,
Endless DataSources

Metro Feeds are powered by "DataSources", plugins which let you access data that you create on any website.

DataSources are made by the community, and open-source. We are working hard on an API so that developers can create their own DataSources.

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Community Powered

By joining a feed, you are contributing to a real-time pulse of activity.

A Feed for everything

You can make new feeds for your friends, online communities, or just personal interest.

New DataSouces are being made all the time, to power new types of feeds. If you are interested in making a DataSource, get in touch with us!

How to join a feed

To join a feed, install the browser extension and then press the join button on the Feed's page. Metro will automatically handle the rest.

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Metro's mission is to give people something to do with their own self-generated data.

Our community is leveling the playing field, so that you are the owner and controller of your own data.

Come join the conversation!


Control Exactly What You Share

Metro lets you control both the generation and the sharing of your data completely.

Data sharing is opt-in and transparent.
DataSources are made by the community and open-source, so anybody can view the code.
The extension can be turned off at any time. Don't want to share data today? No problem.
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We are not a data collection company,
We are a data energizing company.